Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My project for the week...

Pajama bottoms! Yep that's right, six pairs to be exact. For some reason, I decided (with the help of my fantastic stepmama) that all of the girls that are going on our disney trip will need matching pj bottoms. We found a huge bolt of Tinkerbelle fabric on sale at Walmart (have to love 50% off fabric). I am using the Easy Fit pattern for my the small girlies' pj bottoms, and a McCall's pattern for all of the big girls pj bottoms. (I wish Carla C would start making patterns in my size)! We leave for Disney in 24 days and there are about a million things on my sewing table. I'm hoping to finish all of the pajamas this week so that next week I can make my girls some new dresses to wear on Mother's Day. I also really want to make this super cute top on MadeByRae's blog for a concert that my handsome husband and I are attending on Saturday! Can you say busy week for sewing? I also really feel like I need to make the girls a new dress for our breakfast at Cinderella's Castle. Why do I feel like I need to make something new for each event? Well hopefully I'll finish everything on my list and post pictures of everything later this week.


  1. Awesome buy on the fabric...can't wait to see it! Hope you finish all you want to sew by the time you go.....24 days! How exciting!!!

  2. Hey, just a heads up! Did you realize that Carla C DOES have Easy fits for adults?

    I know you've probably finished the PJ bottoms, but thought this might be handy the next time you get on a PJ bottom sewing frenzy!

    I LOVE your blog, BTW!